In Superbike Hero, it's time to tear up the track with your bike! This is the most exciting race you will ever see. Take your bike and get to ride in countries all over Europe and the Middle East! Have fun and good luck with the races!

As the best motorcyclist in the world, you are invited to the most known motorcycle races ever! Everyone is talking about you, so you need to show your talent, it is time! You will have 4 races to win. If you are ready for these races, let's start the game and show off your talent! Your objective in this game is to drive through your opponents. You will have 4 different races all over Europe and the Middle East such as England, Spain, Italy, and Qatar. You should drive at full speed and remember to slow down at turns! You can use your arrow keys to drive the bike. Don't forget to collect coins and boosts as well, so that you can spend them on upgrades like speed, momentum, stability, and stamina. Increase your top speed, boost, grip, and acceleration to help you cut your track time. You can follow the race progress and your ranking at the top of the screen. Try to be the first one across the finish line! Are you the Superbike Hero? Good luck and have fun!

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b10b developed Superbike Hero.

Release Date

November 26, 2020


  • 3D graphics
  • Hyper casual game
  • 4 races to win
  • Upgrades to buy


You can use your left and right arrow keys or AD keys to play this game.