Build strategies to reach new heights in the wooden world of Sudoku Blocks! Fill the table with randomly generated blocks to test your strategy skills with this logic puzzle! Smash blocks by covering the horizontal and vertical rows and 3x3 areas completely, and increase your best score with each run!

Here is a test to push your space management and strategy skills in a relaxing environment! Get your coffee and tea, and relax behind the screen while improving your logic skills here. No confusing rules and no complex controls; you can focus on the game itself while enjoying the simple interface. Start the game and follow the tutorial. The tutorial shows you the basic rules while teaching how to place the pieces on the game table. Grab a piece by clicking or tapping on it, slide it across the screen, and release. Congratulations, you just made your first move! Try to cover the areas without leaving any spaces, and take your best score further with each try. Keep practicing and see how far you get in this challenge. Watch a short ad to get a second chance, and use it well. Keep your first scores in mind and compare them to see how far you have come!

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MarketJS developed Sudoku Blocks.

Release Date

February 10, 2023


  • Relaxing wooden theme
  • Simple controls
  • Improving logic and strategy skills
  • Addictive and endless gameplay


Use your mouse to play.