Stand up and make some noise with the addictive game, Playing With Fire 2, as you place dynamite and watch it blow up! Clear a path to your opponent and try to beat them! Collect power-ups to get the advantage. Challenge yourself with 1-player mode or play against your friends with 2-player mode! Cover your ears and run away after you drop your explosives before you get caught by the impact!

Playing With Fire 2 is an awesome game with 2D graphics and entertaining gameplay! With 5 different power-ups, you can change the tide of battle in an instant! As the player, your objective in each level is to clear the path between yourself and your opponent by placing dynamite near the obstacles to blow them up. When the path is clear, try to trap and blow up your opponent by placing your explosives in strategic locations. You only have a few seconds before your explosives blow up so move away from them as fast as you can, or you will also get caught in the explosion. You have a limited amount of life points so be careful and try not to die too often if you want to win the level. You start the game with one bomb, and you can only drop a bomb at a time. There are 5 power-ups you can collect! Bomb power-ups allow you to drop more bombs at one time. Fast hands power-ups allow you to throw your bomb to the opponent. After placing a bomb, you should run before it detonates! Golden trainers will increase your running speed so you can get to safety quickly. Dropped the bomb in the wrong place? Don’t worry! The golden power kick power-up will allow you to kick your bombs into position. Think your bombs are weak? The lightning power-up increases the power of your bomb to give it an increased range.

Play by yourself or against a friend. Enjoy this thrilling game but don’t forget to also check out some of our action games for other exciting gaming experiences. Try out Bomb It 6 and Bomb It 7!


  • 2 player modes
  • 5 different power-ups
  • Addictive gameplay
  • 2D graphics


Use the arrow keys and the L key to control player 1. Use the WASD keys and the G key to control player 2.