In Kiki’s Delivery Service, Kiki and her talking cat Jiji moved to a seaside town to spend a year alone for Kiki’s witch training. Come and join them in this fun game as you try to find the letters of the alphabet hidden in the environment so that Kiki can complete her training easily. With three different levels and colorful graphics, you’ll have a blast playing this game.

Give me an A! Give me a B! And you can’t cast a spell without the letter C! Kiki’s Delivery Service is all about finding the missing characters of the alphabet. As the player, your objective in this game is to find these playfully hidden ABCs as Kiki continues her daytime job as a delivery girl. There are three levels in the game, and to complete each of these levels you have to find all 26 letters of the alphabet. Magical objects act in unexpected ways! Don’t expect these characters to be conveniently lying around in the open. See that roof over there? Look closely and you might see the letter F. Or what about that suspicious looking antenna? Turns out it was a T all along! Once you’re sure you’ve found one, just click on the letter with your left mouse button. Feeling a little bit stuck? Don’t worry; even the greatest minds can use some help! In the upper right corner of the screen, you can click on the hints to uncover the location of a letter. You can use a maximum of three hints per level. Beneath that, you can see your level, score, and how much time has passed since you started the level. How fast can you find all the letters?

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  • Colorful graphics
  • 3 different levels
  • Hints that you can use
  • Entertaining gameplay


Use your mouse to play the game. Click on the letters to collect them with the left mouse button.