In Hot Rod, jump right into the action and floor the gas pedal! Get ready to compete against others in exciting race tracks around the world and face different challenges! Can you build up your speed and beat other drivers in this addicting game? If so, turn the engines on and let your opponents know who they are messing with!

Hot Rod features many different vehicles and upgrades for you to use against your enemies. If you're ready to kick up some dust, then let's get started! This game's objective is to win each race. There are 24 different tracks that you can play, and these tracks are spread across different famous cities. When you first start the game, you can only drive one of the 12 different vehicles available. You can unlock the rest by completing certain race tracks. Hover your mouse over the locked cars to see which track you need to complete to unlock them. To drive your car, use the arrow keys. The up and down arrow keys can be used to accelerate and brake, respectively. While in air, use the left and right arrow keys to balance yourself. Falling behind? You can press the X key to activate your nitro boost. Keep your eyes on the bar at the top of the screen, as you don't have an infinite amount of nitro fuel. You earn money when you win a race. Visit the workshop, and spend your hard-earned cash to increase different stats of your car, such as acceleration, brakes, and even your nitro! Can you finish all the tracks in the first place?

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Turbo Nuke developed this game.


  • 12 different vehicles to unlock and drive
  • 20 awards that your can earn
  • Can upgrade your car at the workshop
  • 24 different tracks spread across 8 different cities


Use the arrow keys to control your car. Press the X key to use your nitro power.