Insects are repugnant, and now they are twice the size in the entertaining and exciting game, Frog Dares! A catastrophe has happened, and it’s made insects bigger, which in turn has caused the frog kingdom to fall apart. Many frogs left the forest they once called home, and it is your duty to put an end to the invasion of these many-legged fiends. Can you show them that the forest belongs to the frogs and put these insects back in their place in the food chain?

As an action-packed platform game, Frog Dares will take you into the lush and green forest to experience the kinds of troubles these amphibians are fighting against. Be prepared for an adventure because, as the player, it’s your job to stop the overgrown insects by doing what a frog does best: eating them. The forest is a wild place and apart from the insects, you will encounter many challenges during your time there. From spikes to carnivorous fishes, you’d better watch your step while moving around. You can find different power-ups, such as one that gives your character a longer tongue so you can reach farther or the speed buff, which increases your moving speed. On each level, you can find secret treasures that are hidden in the most unexpected places. In the upper left corner of the screen, you’ll see your health bar, which decreases as you take damage from insects and other enemies. You can replenish your health by collecting hearts. When your health bar reaches zero, you’ll die and it will be game over.

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Toffee Games developed Frog Dares.

Release Date



  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • 4 different achievements to collect
  • Hidden secrets in each level for you to find
  • Many levels to complete


Use the arrow keys to move the frog around. Press the X or the CRTL key to use your tongue.