As the most successful browser-based massively multiplayer online game, Club Penguin welcomes you to its colorful world filled with new friends, mini-games, and exciting adventures. Since the day of its launch, Club Penguin has attracted many players from all over the world. Create a player account and dive deep into the world where the penguins and their pet puffles live!

Such a lively world comes with entertaining gameplay. In Club Penguin, you can be whoever you want to be. After creating your account, choose a color for your penguin character. Then you’re free to roam the world as you see fit. Visit the shop to check the latest arctic fashion. Head to the cafe to taste the warmest winter drinks. Want to feel the rhythm? Clap your hands and sing along to the music at the nightclub. Don't forget to get yourself a puffle, the fluffy little pet companions of the penguins! They come in many colors and personalities. Is it getting late and do you need a place to spend the night? Get yourself an igloo. Decorate it and invite your friends over. There are so many activities to try in Club Penguin. Visit the ski lodge and race against others as you slide down the mountain. Go fishing or surfing. Visit the pizzeria and wear the chef's hat and start cooking. Do have the wits to be a secret agent? Find the secret base and become an agent to solve the intriguing mysteries and help the citizens of Club Penguin behind the scenes.

Many other players have taken their place in Club Penguin. The weather might look cold but the community is warm and helpful. Seasonal events, hidden Easter eggs, and many other fun activities await you at the winter homeland of penguins. Flap your flippers and join Club Penguin today!


Club Penguin is developed by New Horizon Interactive

Release Date

24 October 2005


  • Various mini games
  • You can own an igloo
  • You can customize your character's look
  • You can decorate your igloo


Use your left mouse click to interact with the world