With Braindom, get ready to prove how much of a creative person you are! Intelligence is not always about the knowledge itself but the creativity if you know how to use it! You are about to be tested in various fields in many ways using only your brain but nothing else. Are you with us to pass all the challenging levels and solve puzzles now?

Welcome to the game of no limits! It is time to prove yourself by using your imagination all the way through solving different kinds of tangrams and puzzles. Creativity is intelligence having fun, they say. And today, we are here to prove that they are so right to say that! It is not just a simple game that you use your skills or using strategy. What you will do is to click on the levels and solve the tangrams and puzzles using your wisdom and creativity. The answers to the puzzles can lie anywhere and everywhere. Don't hesitate to use every method that comes to your mind. That's how you can sort things out. Meanwhile, you should read the general information about the facts of the world shown at the end of each level. They can give you a good deal of general knowledge that you wouldn't want to miss. By completing the levels, you will get earnings that you can use to buy hints in case you get stuck at some level. Good luck and have fun now!

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YAD.Com developed Braindom.

Release Date

November 27, 2020


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Numerous challenging levels
  • Creative tangrams and puzzles
  • Fun and engaging gameplay


Use your mouse or finger to play this game.