Clear the table and make room for tile towers because 3D Mahjong is here. Are you ready to take the challenge presented by this entertaining game, which dates back to the Qing dynasty of ancient China? With many different layout options and colorful tile sets, you can test your mind and attention to detail with this game. If the table’s ready, take your seat and start finding the pairs!

Mahjong is a traditional game belonging to the Chinese culture that spread around the world and gained popularity during the early twentieth century. The game consists of different tile pieces and is commonly played with four players. In Mahjong 3D, you can enjoy this ancient game solo with either 2D or 3D graphics. As the player, your objective in this addictive and challenging game is to find the pairs of each tile on the table and clear the board as fast as you can. Similar to the other mahjong games, this one also has three different tile sets. These are simple tile sets. One consist of dots, bamboo, and characters; the honor tiles set has winds and dragons; and the bonus tiles set includes flowers and seasons. To play a game, click on a tile and then try to find its match. The chosen tiles will blink so you don't lose them. When you find the pair of the currently selected tile, click on the tiles to clear them from the table. At the bottom of the game screen, you will see information such as the number of the tiles left, free tiles, equal pairs, your bonus points and your score. If you want, you can customize your tiles. From the main menu, you can choose a different theme for your tiles and change the layout. Some layouts are easier to play with, while others require more effort. Have fun!

Enduring through the years as one of the most popular games, mahjong holds a special place in the hearts of many players. Check outour mahjong collection for more games!


  • Both 2D and 3D graphics options
  • 6 different tile design sets
  • 25 different layout options
  • Challenging and fun gameplay


Use your mouse to choose and pair tiles.